Başkan’ın Mesajı | Güvensoy Group

The message of the Chairman

      We have values that we take great care of since we have started our business life. I believe that our company has acquired its current strength by the virtue of these values. We have approached all our obligations and undertakings with a careful and heedful attitude and have never compromised from our quality standards.Our primary aim has always been to reflect our difference and especially to bring in brand equity into our country.
      I believe that, any company that is away from the sectoral developments, has very low chances in gaining long run success. When carrying out all our operational work, we follow the changes that have to be applied in order to develop our work process.
      Guvensoy Construction is a big family together with all its employees. We are applying a work operation model in mutually developing new ideas in our realationships with the employees based on sincerity and mutual trust. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all our employees who contributed greatly to the success of our company and the employers that we work with.


       Gultekin Guvensoy
   Guvensoy Construction
    Chairman of the Board