KURUMSAL | Güvensoy Group

We continue to create lasting value since 1985.

      Güvensoy companies we established under the Group mainly dams in 1985, irrigation ponds, roads, shopping centers, landscaping, pavement are, parks, drinking water, canals, has undertaken major infrastructure commitments, such as flood protection and drainage. Our company has been successfully completed on time all the brands in the category of auctions declines.
      In our international work mainly have been operating in Libya. Every day, machines, tools and equipment park renewing our company, attracting the attention of the sector’s institutional structure has entrenched labor staff.


      Our company also tourism, is engaged in mining and food industries.
      In the tourism sector through the restoration of the historic mansion of a Russian convert to a luxurious boutique hotel in Kars under HOTEL’S PROFIT name was opened in 2005.


      In Kar’s Hotel for many years of his research was selected as Turkey’s Hurriyet best boutique hotel in a restored 10th.


      Bodrum Gundogan in Casa Costa Boutique Hotel ‘i also by incorporating in the tourism sector has become the target of providing quality services.


      Food industry boom Güvensoy Koffie aimed at developing a coffee culture, creating brand named Group has become a brand in this area with three separate branches.


      In the shopping center area, the Red Crescent, the symbol of the capital occurred in the 13-storey, 30,000 m2 closed area, our company has continued the construction of a shopping center continues to build confidence with each new year a quarter century of experience taking speed.